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Linux Geeks
A revolution in our midst...

LinuxChix: Geeky chicks into Linux, and Canadian too!? Hey, this is almost too much for this webmaster's weak heart!

Linux World Expo: Do you know the way to San Jose? It's the place to be this August 9th to 12th!

Realm of Primordial Energy: Alex Armstrong's (also known as Dabugas) really cool little site featuring his Linux software, Portable Easy Quote (peq), and other musings. Love that blue minimalism!

Linus Torvalds World Tour 99/ B : one fan's report on a recent Linus talk... check out the car, this geek's so cool!

GeekNews.org: "A site for geeks and the news and information they love." Lots of great news and links, especially of the Linux variety!

oh ya!
Slashdot: News for Nerds, stuff that matters... nuff said!

Linux.org: Lot of Linux info for the Linux newbie.

Linux.com: The Mothership has arrived.


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