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space junk is a real threat

Equplus! Science and math equations, available in TeX, MathML, png-image and MathType format!

cool comic!
Robots and girls make a great comic!

The Official Home Page for Fat Geeks More geeks qualifying every day!

Geek White Pages

santa cruz geek houses

The Geek Ring


A Year in the Life of a Nerd

A T O M I C W E B . C O M ... ant farm mania!

System Administrator Appreciation Day! Celebrated annually on last Friday of July.

GeekBidder.com: Commision-free IT freelance service!

Binary Finger Counting: John Selvia's binary finger counting tutorial (how to count in binary on your fingers). There's a shockwave and standard version.

kuro5hinKuro5hin (pronounced corrosion) is a really neat site. Kuro5hin relies on its readers to submit stories, but where the site gets cool is that it has an open submission queue. Any user can see and vote on all submitted stories. If you want to see something posted, you can make it happen by participating in the moderation of the stories in the submission queue. Neat!

Techniquelle: "Think Art, Think Tech, Think Techniquelle." An organization based in San Diego, for men and women interested in arts and technology. They put on the Freaky Geek Ball too!

GeekRave! Very cool geeks these are... organizing a great rave for geeks in Vancouver... and hopefully other places too!

Geekshirts! Open source geek fashion: t-shirt designs and ideas which can be freely copied, printed and sold by anyone who wishes to do so. Neat idea!

Mechanized Propulsion Systems: A group dedicated to designing, creating and operating a full size, approximately 25 feet tall, anime-style mecha!

Geek.com: A great online technology resource for geeks featuring reviews, tips and tricks, and lots more.

Webreview.com... Goodies for Geeks: A great resource on just about everything of geeky interest... hardware, software, development, OS's, design, you name it!

Digital Theatre News For Graphic Artists, Indie filmakers and Nerds. Similar to Slashdot in style, but tailored more for the graphics geek!

Nitrozac Boot Squad! Chromatic's cool homage to Nitrozac, creator of After Y2K!

Geek Rights: articles, links, and submissions on all kinds of geeky issues such as wage discrimination, geek unions, geek sweatshops, and more!

The PC Weenies: "Two strips a week or the next one is FREE!" Krishna M. Sadasivam's great geeky comic! Now featured in our Daily Geeky Comics section!

Geek Cruises! High-Tech Cruises for Geeks and other computer professionals... a great escape for those long-suffering computer widows too!

TikTok's Guide to Geek Protocals: Everything you ever wanted to know about surviving as a geek, but were too introverted to ask...

Icepick: Cool and to the Point: This geek has wired up most of his house and appliances to webcams and web scripts, including his doorbell, fridge, trash can, toilet, and cat feeding area. Facinatingly useless information!

Lockergnome: One of the great newsletters of our time...quality Windows 95/98/NT information for PC experts and novices. Written by self-confessed geek Chris Pirillo, it's a friendly and extremely useful read!

Hob, the ZX Spectrum Emulator: Play some real video games on this Java-based emulator of one of the classic computers from the 1980's, the Sinclair ZX Spectrum.

GeekNews.org: "A site for geeks and the news and information they love." Lots of great news and links, especially of the Linux variety!

GeekNation "Broadcasting the Revolution".... home of the Geek Pride Festival!

GeekTalent: This site provides a personalized service for freelance Internet professionals (geeks!) and employers.

The Geek Squad: Geek work ethic at it's finest. I want a Geekmobile!


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