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The Nimoy Tapestry

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The QuickPoll was...
Why are alien space babes so sexy?
  • Because of their soft, green skin.
  • Because of their gentle tentacles.
  • Because they are unattainable to the average geek.
  • Because of their vastly superior technical knowledge.
  • Because they are silicone-based life forms.

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Of course, today's comic is also on the blocks!

Print specs: 300dpi, printed on 8.5x11 high quality paper, signed by Nitrozac, also dated, and numbered (as in "NitroPrint First Edition, number X"), as well as personalized if you'd like.

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After Y2K™ is a frightfully funny look at what might happen if the Millennium Bug bites hard! Created by Nitrozac, it follows the hapless exploits of a perhaps-slightly-over-paranoid geek as he and his friends seek to come to terms with the legacy of careless coding. The setting: the days and months after January 1st, 2000... all computers, high technology, and most electricity is gone... civilization as Geeks know it has collapsed!

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