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Current QuickPoll results for 6986 entries:

What cliffhanger have you survived recently?
I almost ran out of beer, ... so, did you send your kid brother to fetch beer, or did you call dial-a-bottle? 665 9%
Trying to decide between a chocolate dipped and double chocolate donut, ... you could always ask the donut bitch which is fresher. 221 3%
Trying to decide between Fawn and the Sys Admin in the Quickpoll a couple of days ago, ... Tubes had a similar problem deciding between the Tube Twins, he settled for both. 1304 18%
Every day's a frigging cliffhanger! ... I still can't make up my mind, which is worse, death or taxes. 1239 17%
I didn't survive, I was one of the ones that died, ... you didn't survive, or were you voted out by members of the Tribe? 1291 18%
I viewed the results, ... deciding what poll answer to vote for doesn't count as a true cliffhanger. ;-) 2266 32%

May not add up to exactly 100% due to rounding, and data hiatus.

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