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Prints of Nitrozac's Paintings
We receive many requests for Nitrozac's paintings to be made available as prints. So here we go!

Steve Jobs introduces the iPad!
Nitrozac's incredible painting of that amazing moment the world was waiting for. On January 27th, 2010, Steve Jobs revealed to the world the tablet computer that is on it's way to changing the world.

Available in two different formats, as an archive-quality paper print, and as a gallery wrap!

paper print
Paper Prints.
A gorgeous paper print of Nitrozac's painting, digitally printed on archival paper, and signed by the artist!

Paper print specs: image size: 12" x 9", paper size 13 5/8" x 10 3/4". Archive quality paper stock, titled, and signed by the artist on the front, with a signature, date, and fingerprint on the back. Only $19.95!

Steve Jobs unveils the iPad, signed paper print!

gallery wrap
Gallery Wrap: This one is incredible! A custom gallery wrap, printed on canvas and wrapped on a wood frame. This gorgeous stretched canvas print doesn't have any visible staples or nails holding the fabric to the wooden stretcher bars, so it can be hung unframed. It looks exactly like an original painting!

The detail here is amazing. The surface of the gallery wrap is textured by the canvas it is printed on, so the brush stokes of the original painting really stand out.

Size: 12" x 16" ready to frame, or hang unframed as a stand-alone work of art!

Signed by the artist on the back, with a signature, date, and fingerprint. Only $129.00!

Steve Jobs unveils the iPad, Gallery Wrap!

side of gallery wrap
Canvas is wrapped around the wooden frame, so the print is ready to hang on your wall!
Detail of the gallery wrap. The surface is textured by the canvas it is printed on, so these look remarkably like a real painting.
The back of Gallery Wrap is a sturdy wooden frame.

Order yours now!

Steve Jobs unveils the iPad, Gallery Wrap!

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