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Romy and Michelle are best friends. They’ve been best friends since high school in Tuscan Arizona, and now they live in LA. They have relatively normal lives; Romy works as a receptionist, and Michelle is looking for work. They don’t have much money, they aren’t married, they don’t have kids, but they do like to dress up to go out, and have fun.

Romy finds out their high school is having a 10th year reunion and the two of them make plans to go. They want to appear more successful than they really are. We are shown flashbacks of their high school days, where they were tormented by the “A” crowd. Romy was chubby and Michelle had a back brace, but they had good times together. They make it to the reunion armed with a fake success story and business women’s outfits only to find out they are already successful by just being themselves.

You are probably wondering why this movie has any Geek Appeal. At Romy and Michelle’s high school, there was a geeky crowd who were involved in such activities as the Science Fair and Camera Clubs. It’s a tad cliché, but really well done and funny.

There is of course the stereotypical love triangles. The big time geek guy has a huge crush on Michelle, but she really doesn’t care for him. The big time geeky girl, has a huge crush on the geeky guy, but of course he doesn’t care for her. But there are a few romantic twists, and it's a nice change to see the geeky girl get the Marlboro Man for a change.

As one might expect, at the reunion, it turns out that the annoying “A” crowd’s lives are lackluster, and that Romy and Michelle' and the Geeks are the successful ones. They are the ones who have invented stuff, amassed fortunes, and generally enjoyed their lives. But however predicable, this movie is well crafted; a nice, light, and humorous geek fantasy. The climatic threesome dance scene is truly one of the most geeky dance numbers ever choreographed. I adored Romy and Michelle, and Janeane Garofalo's performance as the geeky outcast girl is spectacular. The movie isn’t an intellectual tour-d' force, but it will make you laugh and increase your Geek Esteem!

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