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About Geek Culture
Since the dawn of civilization, many cultures have come and gone. Each culture has had its own language, customs, poetry, history, art, heroes, and villains. Geek Culture is dedicated to the advancement of humanity's newest culture: the Culture of the Geek.

The power of the computer in society is shifting the balance away from the muscle-bound values that have dominated mankind since the Stone Age. Brawn is being pushed aside by the appreciation of the intellect, a realization that greatness is not measured by how much weight one can bench-press, or how fast one can run the 100 metre dash. Instead, greatness comes from the advancement of knowledge and science.

For far too long the word "geek" was used as a derogatory remark. Originally describing a circus performer who bit the heads off of chickens, it evolved into cruel slang inflicted on someone with inadequate social skills. Today, "geek" describes a person, male or female, who loves computers and uses them for communication. Far from being a weak or meek character, a geek possesses the courage to be different. It is a label that one can wear proudly, without shame, for it implies intelligence and originality.

As we enter a new millennium, where information and technology are supreme, geeks are suddenly in very powerful positions. Because of their affinity with computers, they understand the Internet better than anyone else, and as such, find themselves guiding and directing a global communications and commerce revolution.

Geek Culture celebrates this new age of enlightenment with this website. It is a place where you can learn about this new culture and its language, customs, poems, villains and heroes. It is a place where geeks from around the world can celebrate the joy they feel while working with their computers; a place to interact with each other, send e-cards, enjoy geeky cartoons, purchase geek cultural treasures, and perhaps even poke fun at themselves.

It is a place where everyday is Geek Pride Day!
cool geek with technology

But the big question on your mind..... are YOU a Geek?

Since you have somehow found yourself at geekculture.com, chances are relatively good that you’re a geek or geek wanna-be. If not, it may be that there is a tiny Geek inside of you waiting to blossom. Geek Culture® hopes you will nurture this Geek seed, and cherish it for the wonderful, quirky, exhilarating thing it is.

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